Aroma Of Arabia – Inviting Franchise Applications For Habibi


Aroma Of Arabia – Inviting Franchise Applications For Habibi

Fresh, wholesome, healthy, rich & aromatic – no wonder the past decade has seen Middle Eastern cuisine’s global profile skyrocket – that’s the charm of Arabia which is hard to resist.

Take a trip to the land of soul-soothing delicacy with HABIBI that celebrates authentic Arabic Indian cuisine. Enjoy the magical combination of Falafel & Hummus, Shish Taouks, Biryanis, Kibbeh Maqlia, Rogan Josh, Kofta Iranya, Spinach Fatayer & more garnished with authentic spices & herbs. An exotic ambience, handcrafted cocktails & mocktails, lip-smacking dishes & spellbinding contemporary entertainment, fused together to give all the food lovers a reason to return for every celebration.

The upscale restaurant popularizing Middle Eastern cuisine, makes it an unforgettable experience for individuals on business trips and families alike. It has been conferred upon the very prestigious Times Food & Nightlife Award for best Arabian and Lebanese in Delhi Fine Dine category as well.

Habibi apart from its fine dine section, also operates on the model of quick service restaurants (QSR). It is a constantly evolving brand that has carved a niche for itself over the years.

In our quest to expand rapidly across India, Habibi invites applications for franchise partners for its QSR initiatives. Quick, delicious food that’s pocket friendly – Habibi’s QSR chain is an attempt to popularize Arabic & Indian cuisine amongst those who are connoisseurs of global cuisine.

Contact us at;

Corporate Office:

Arabian Hospitality Pvt.Ltd.

3rd Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, New Delhi – 110017

Phone : 011 – 41647875, 41647876


What’s your New Year Plan?

This year, while it’s still going to be just a day change from a Sunday to Monday as clock strike at 12 marks a massive new beginning. Spend a memorable New Year’s Eve with your loved ones. Live Bollywood Mashups, DJ, Unlimited Indo- Arabic Gala Dinner Buffet for just Rs.1499 – (All Inclusive).  Special packages for group bookings available on request.

What more do you need?

Head to HABIBI – Arabic Indian Fine Dine Restaurant at DLF PLACE, SAKET.

SUNDAY  |  31st December  |  8PM Onward   |  01140575257  |  +91 9958897158.

Fine Dine new_year_offer_dlf_facebookq





Every gourmand worth an enviable Instagram feed found their way to the The Grub Fest on 27th to 29th October at JLN stadium, New Delhi.

In these three day food festival it was all about the best restaurants displaying their signature delicacies over some good music and hearty performances to keep Delhiites entertained. Showcasing the culinary treasures of the Middle East, passed down through generations, but with a modern twist – Habibi showcased its signature Hummus with Pita Bread, Panner Shawarmas and Arabic Chicken Shawarmas, organized to familiarize the foodies in the city with their authentic cuisine & culture.

Alongside the food spread and intoxicating aroma of fresh chicken grilling over Rotisserie, we captured some beautiful moments of foodies with their loved ones as they savoured Habibi’s Shawarmas and Hummus. Habibi’s stall saw an enthusiastic turnout of both serious eaters as well as leisure dinners who helped themselves to multiple helpings from the Habibi food counter and clicked the authentic delicacies from the live grill and kitchen. From classic mainstays such as hummus & pita to the world famous Arabic Chicken Shawarama– each and every dish was handcrafted by our Chief Chef who searched far and wide for disappearing recipes and put them together with seasonal ingredients exclusively for the occasion of The Grub Fest in the city.

The guests were especially seen to be enjoying the utterly soothing Iced Tea alongside our mildly spiced Paneer Shawarmas. This 3 day long extravaganza once again established HABIBI as a trendsetting space in the city that constantly curates events, outdoor caterings, corporate events to give gourmands in the city an opportunity to delve into a different kind of experience and strike off a lot of dishes from their ‘must-eat’ bucket list.

Follow the link and find if you are among our lucky few, who got featured live from #TheGrubFest.



India’s biggest food festival, The Grub Fest, is back with its 5th edition in the capital!


Our offering, are one of the most popular authentic Arabic delicacies of Shawarmas, Hummus & Pita Bread available at Stall Number D-2. A shout out to all the ultimate foodies in Delhi, who not only love to eat heartily but also desire to be our Instagram stars or Snapchat snappers.

Join us for the finest Arabic delectable experience in town.

So head out to The Grub Fest..

Venue: JLN Stadium Gate no. 14

Stall: D-2

Date: 27th-28th-29th October

Time: 1 pm – 10 pm

See you there!


How To Brew The Best Habibi’s Classic Iced Tea

The Quintessential All Season Cooler

Habibi, offers a range of hot and cold selection of beverages starting from Tea Sulaimani, Morocaan Tea, Lebanese Kahwa, Iced Tea not to forget Turkish coffee. Every beverage has a distinct quality, taste and use a specific kind of tea leaf which when brewed perfectly gives the right colour, flavour and aroma. However, a nice, tall glass of Ice tea is the superior warm weather refresher, which we can’t miss.

Follow the method mentioned below to brew it the way we serve at Habibi.’


There are multiple routes you can take to a cool glass of iced tea. It totally depends on how much time you have. Cold brew can be slightly better since the longer brew time extracts more flavor out of the tea leaves. Pick the method that works best for your schedule. For two cups of finished tea, you can do the following:

Hot Brew: If you are using loose leaf tea, pour one cup of hot water over two tea bags in a glass or ceramic pitcher. Let steep for five minutes, then strain using a tea strainer or fine mesh strainer to remove the leaves. Pour one cup of cold water into the concentrate to dilute it then serve it over ice. If using tea bags, you’ll follow the same procedure, just use two tea bags instead of the loose tea and instead of straining, and simply remove the spent bags.

Cold Brew: In a pitcher, pour two cups of cold water over about a tablespoon of loose tea (or one tea bag) and let it sit in the refrigerator for eight to twelve hours or overnight. Then just pour the tea over ice to serve.

Sun Brew: “The cool part about sun tea is it has that country feel to it,” Follow the cold brew ratio above. Before you begin, leave the tea leaves or tea bag in boiling water just so that the water seeps in . Instead of letting it steep in the refrigerator, leave the pitcher in a spot outside that gets full sun for six hours—serve it over ice when finished.

tea brewing


Trying to stir a granulated sugar won’t work—it will not melt and sink to the bottom. Instead a simple step can add an extra flavour with ease.

Simmer equal parts sugar and water on the stove until the sugar is dissolved. Stir continuously and mix it well with your cool tea, tasting as you add it and adjusting based on your preference.

You can also try alternative liquid sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. ‘Agave’ is also fantastic.



Serve iced tea in a super chilled glass with big cocktail-style ice cubes. A sprig or two of fresh mint, a slice of orange, or a wedge of lime is nice as well.

Then all you need to do is take your glass outside, sit, sip, and enjoy one of summer’s little pleasures.



A Vegetarian’s Survival Guide To Arabic & Indian Cuisine – Relish Authentic Delicacies in Delhi.

The best way to satiate your taste buds is to make sure that you find the right eatery. Being a vegetarian and a foodie you’ll always face a few extra challenges and considerations when it comes to exploring world cuisine. Habibi is the place where you go to savor the scrumptious Arabic and Indian delicacies and come out fulsome and satisfied. This makes it popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists visiting the city.  Habibi offers its patrons both fine-dine and quick service restaurant options across Delhi /NCR serving authentic flavors of Arabic and Indian culture and cuisine.

Take A Look At What Habibi Has To Offer You.

PITA BREAD : Is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour. Staple of Middle Eastern cuisines. Have it with hummus or roll it to a shawarma. It’s something that will never disappoint a hungry vegetarian.pita-bread

FATTOUSH SALAD : Made with garden fresh raw vegetables, a perfect start to your meal. Want something light and healthy for a quick meeting over lunch. Fattoush salad is something that will satisfy your taste buds.




HUMMUS : Also know as ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna is a dip made from boiled, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic and Sumac powder garnish. It’s popular throughout the Middle East and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Hummus has crossed over nicely into the rest of the world and you’re probably already familiar with it and even better if you’re already a hummus fan.


FALAFEL : Deep fried mashed chickpeas served hot and traditionally with plenty of pita or wrapped perfectly to a shawarma!


KASHMIRI BIRYANI : A flavour some biryani packed with spices, cashew-nuts and raisins and all vegetarian goodness. This is a sweet biryani and is a must-try if you are in a mood for something light and aromatic.


FALAFEL SHAWARMA : Made with fried patties of ground chickpeas and authentic Arabic spices rolled in pita bread, served in tahini sauce for that extra tang and pickles.

flafel shawarma

Paneer Shawarma : Is a Vegetarian take on the ever so famous Chicken Shawarmas. Marinated cottage cheese grilled and wrapped in pita bread. Just exactly how heaven would taste.


So with that in mind, let’s take you to our menu.
DLF Saket Menu

Time to go eat!



The Allure Of Arabia – Inviting Franchise Applications For Habibi

Silken hummus, aromatic meats, rose water soaked desserts – the allure of Arabia is hard to resist.

Take a trip to the land of Zatar & Tahini with Habibi that celebrates authentic Arabic cuisine & inspired Indian fare.

Whipping up an inimitable tale of Arabic food & culture, garnished with authentic spices & herbs, are Celebrity Chef Ratib Al Ghriwati & his team. An exotic ambience, lipsmacking dishes & spellbinding contemporary entertainment options fuse together to give revellers a reason to return for every celebration.

HABIBI’s giant strides in popularizing Middle Eastern cuisine have been recognized and it has been conferred upon the very prestigious Times Food & Nightlife Award 2015 for best Arabian and Lebanese in Delhi Fine Dine category.

Also operating on a QSR model, Habibi is a constantly evolving brand that aims to introduce fresh flavours in the market and carve a niche for itself.

If you wish to strike it big within the hospitality industry and want to associate with a brand that’s as reputed as it is reliable, you are the one we are looking for.

In our quest to expand rapidly across India, Habibi invites applications for franchise partners for its QSR initiatives. Quick, delicious food that’s pocket friendly as well – Habibi’s QSR chain is an attempt to popularize Arabic & Indian cuisine amongst the masses and give them something new and exciting every season.

Contact us on

Arabian Hospitality Pvt.Ltd.

Corporate Office:

3rd Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, New Delhi – 110017

Phone : 011 – 41647875, 41647876, 41647877


‘Yalla Habibi’ – You’ll Love this Melange of Arabic & Indian Cuisines!

Are your taste buds tingling to try the food of unexplored countries? A scrumptious solution lies at Habibi!

Relish the cuisines of Arabia coupled with Indian delights – our celebrity chef ensures you get the most authentic flavours on your plate without even leaving the city.

Our breads are made daily, from scratch. Flaky & fresh – they are the perfect accompaniments to go along with our homemade dips and sauces that carry within them the aroma of faraway lands. Once you’re done with them, move on to the mains where we have curated flavourful renditions of classic Arabic & Indian delicacies such as cold & hot mezze platters, kebabs & shawarmas as well as a host of tikkas & tagines. The grapevine suggests that our biryanis are the best in the city – a fact authenticated by our patrons who can’t seem to get enough of its aroma and deliciousness.

Pleasant hospitality & generous portions – enjoy them both against a backdrop of Arabic entertainment comprising of graceful belly dancers and talented tanoura artists. Our weekly specials also include sufi music evenings that keep the audience enthralled at every step.

Habibi has entered the Indian market to cater to all kinds of taste-buds. The key to it is innovation that we bring to the fore with both our fine-dining and QSR establishments. Hence, our menu is always dynamic and offers something fresh and fabulous each time you visit. In case a visit is not on the cards, we offer home-delivery  as well as outdoor catering services to satiate your cravings and add vibrancy to your social gatherings.

Walk in and walk out with a mouthful of flavours and a heart full of memories with us!

Belly Dancing – The Most Graceful Dance Form

One of the oldest performance arts in the world, belly dancing is also one of the most difficult dance forms.Raqs Sharqi, as it is known in Arabic, belly dancing is a torso driven folk dance coupled with abdominal gyrations. It’s a highly technical art and requires years of practice before a dancer can perform in public.

Belly-DanceIts origin is shrouded in mystery largely – however, there is evidence of it being in existence as a social activity since 5000 years!

Having taken the west by storm, this Middle Eastern phenomenon has been popularized in India by Habibi, where every Friday, patrons troop in to enjoy an evening of cultural extravaganza.

Dancers are flown in from exotic locations for an evening seeped in history & theatrics. The performers, shimmy, shiver and enthrall one and all with their fluid movements perfected to the strains of Sufi music.

Habibi, a Lebanese, Moroccan and Arabic cuisine restaurant that aims to bring the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food & culture into the limelight has been lauded for its efforts time and again. With an emphasis on acts like belly dancing and tanoura, the focus is to introduce the diners of the city to something exciting, intriguing and give them an opportunity to spend their Friday night away from blaring music played in clubs. Only at Habibi can one expect to luxuriate over a fine fusion of Indo-Arabic cuisine, aromatic shishas and signature cocktails while acquainting themselves with the treasured arts of the Middle East.

Drop in at Habibi, every Friday to witness this legendary dance form in all its glory.


Chandigarh’s In Love With HABIBI

Memories are made when people & experiences we love come together.

A few of the most commonly loved experiences involve the presence of lip-smacking, piping hot dishes, a pulsating mix of great music & dance & the company of loved ones – all of which combine in the most spectacular form at your beloved, Habibi.

Last weekend, Chandigarh threw its arms wide open to welcome the very first Habibi in the city. The city’s who’s who descended to shower their love on and soak in the ambience of the first Mediterr-asian restaurant in the city.

Apart from the roaringly successful signature specialties, Habibi Chandigarh brings to the city a mélange of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines – a flavor profile that has eluded the city of diners till now.

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