Belly Dancing – The Most Graceful Dance Form

One of the oldest performance arts in the world, belly dancing is also one of the most difficult dance forms.Raqs Sharqi, as it is known in Arabic, belly dancing is a torso driven folk dance coupled with abdominal gyrations. It’s a highly technical art and requires years of practice before a dancer can perform in public.

Belly-DanceIts origin is shrouded in mystery largely – however, there is evidence of it being in existence as a social activity since 5000 years!

Having taken the west by storm, this Middle Eastern phenomenon has been popularized in India by Habibi, where every Friday, patrons troop in to enjoy an evening of cultural extravaganza.

Dancers are flown in from exotic locations for an evening seeped in history & theatrics. The performers, shimmy, shiver and enthrall one and all with their fluid movements perfected to the strains of Sufi music.

Habibi, a Lebanese, Moroccan and Arabic cuisine restaurant that aims to bring the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food & culture into the limelight has been lauded for its efforts time and again. With an emphasis on acts like belly dancing and tanoura, the focus is to introduce the diners of the city to something exciting, intriguing and give them an opportunity to spend their Friday night away from blaring music played in clubs. Only at Habibi can one expect to luxuriate over a fine fusion of Indo-Arabic cuisine, aromatic shishas and signature cocktails while acquainting themselves with the treasured arts of the Middle East.

Drop in at Habibi, every Friday to witness this legendary dance form in all its glory.