Memories are made when people & experiences we love come together.

A few of the most commonly loved experiences involve the presence of lip-smacking, piping hot dishes, a pulsating mix of great music & dance & the company of loved ones – all of which combine in the most spectacular form at your beloved, Habibi.

Last weekend, Chandigarh threw its arms wide open to welcome the very first Habibi in the city. The city’s who’s who descended to shower their love on and soak in the ambience of the first Mediterr-asian restaurant in the city.

Apart from the roaringly successful signature specialties, Habibi Chandigarh brings to the city a mélange of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines – a flavor profile that has eluded the city of diners till now.

The restaurant also prides itself on plating updated takes on Indian classics using rustic, local & seasonal produce. A quick survey conducted over the evening revealed that the guests couldn’t get enough of the Khasta meat ki tikki, Raan-Shandaar, Malai Broccoli & a few other delicacies from the erstwhile frontier province region. The sheeshas too were well admired by one and all for the innovative flavors they have brought to the city.

The evening reached a spellbinding climax courtesy stupendous performances by Sufi & Tanoura artistes – an entertainment feature that’s bound to draw in patrons in large numbers in the near future.

Habibi, in Arabic, means the beloved. Going by the thunderous response it received on the evening of its launch, looks like Chandigarh has fallen head over heels in love with Habibi.

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